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Two weeks ago, I finally got the chance to meet up with some of the Big Shot contestants (Ferry, Daniel and Liew). We were all ready for the filming of the trailer for Big Shot Season 2 at the Singapore Flyer.

We had great fun together. And Ferry helped me took some photos while we were waiting for our turns.

And also, not forgetting to take the chance to take a picture together with the ESPN host, Kui Jien.

And shot of Singapore city scape from the highest point of flyer.

Lastly, not to forget to remind all that the Big Shot Season 2 is coming. Do give it a try and you stand a chance to win $20,000. Great learning opportunity and exposure! You never know if you are the next ‘Big Shot’!!

Last photo to share here is a cute little cat photo taken after the filming that day:


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Featured on Today

Was happy to see myself being featured once again in Today papers today. Would like to thanks Elisabeth, senior editor of Today for the wonderful interview session and also her kindness for informing and forwarding the pdf version of the article to me.

Here’s the article:

I hope this short interview article of mine will help inspire more of you to take up this wonderful hobby of photography. As like scrapbooking, photography is one great channel of capturing and recording the wonderful moments that you do not wish to forget. Another beauty of a picture is that it can tell a story without words.

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I was greeted by a pleasant email from my friend, Hong Li 2 weeks back. She had dropped me an email to inform me that I was on Today’s papers two Weds back. After asking around a few of my colleagues, I managed to grab hold of one to read (forgetting that I can actually read it online :P). Here it is (pages downloaded from Today’s online):

The season finale of the Big Shot was over 2 weeks back after a full 8 episodes over the past 2 months. And as most of my friends have guessed, Liew emerged as the winner. Indeed, Liew deserved the prize. His shots are consistently good and his professional technical skills are evident from all his photographs (not just those taken during the competition; ya, I got a chance to have a look at quite a number of photographs he has taken through the years for leisure, assignment and competition…all making me going ‘wow wow wow’). And talking about Liew, I hope he has not forgotten that he has promised to treat the 9 of us with his cash prize to a good meal. Ho ho ho. But seriously, I am really hoping that the 10 of us could meet up again soon for a gathering.

Also, would like to share with you my happiness of acquiring a new ‘baby’. Been eyeing this for very long and it was top on my xmas wishlist for last year. Thanks to hubby who fulfilled my wish and my baby finally arrived last Sat. My new ‘baby’ is my canon speedlite EX580II.

Finally, I am going to get some better shots of Zachary at indoor and it will be much easier to take with this flash too. My house is always quite dim and this flash is definitely going to help a lot. I am really slowly building up on my photography gear; it’s by far, the most expensive hobbies I ever get into. I don’t earn a lot for sure and so have no choice but to slowly save up to buy these expensive gear.

Next on my wish list is definitely the 24-70mm f2.8 lens and hope to get the full frame Canon 5D Mark II camera (when I got my first DSLR canon 550D about half a year ago, I was already tempted to upgrade to a full frame model after only 1 week of crazy shooting with a DSLR; but I told myself to go slow and save up for it).

Here’s a test shot in my house which was quite dim and no lights on. Like the result so much.

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The Moment

Some of my friends have asked if I have more photos to share with them of the wedding challenge for ‘The Big Shot’. Luckily, I had managed to get TK (one of the other finalists for the show) to save them in time just before the memory card was asked to return to the producers then.

The photos were taken during the tea ceremony session of the couple as that was during the time where our one hour challenge began. This was my first time taking wedding photography and I had truly enjoyed the process of trying to capture the special moment (the challenge theme for the show was ‘capture the moment’).

Photos taken with Nikon D3100 with kit lens and 50 mm f1.8 prime lens.

The photo I selected for the show challenge:

Other photos that I thought was nice to share here:

Hope you enjoyed looking at these blissful photos. Remember to watch the Big Shot next tues at 9pm on channel 5. The next challenge shall be on night photography.

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Hope you have watched the Big Shot show yesterday. It was real fun and exciting to see myself on TV. 😛 I must really thanks to some of my friends for all their well wishes and encouragement given.

I extracted the following photo album from the Big Shot facebook. Shows the photos I submitted for the pre-selecion and the flower photo taken during the audition day ( is actually one flower; the other 2 are reflections). Also, the other one is a photo taken by hubby of me and zachary.

Do log on to the facebook to view photos by the other 9 finalists (amazing photos!) and also submit your photos (depicting ‘the moment’ theme) for chances to win some cool prizes.

Also, stay tune for the result of the wedding challenge next Tues at 9pm!

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Not sure if anyone of you have seen the trailers for the Mediacorp Channel 5 Big Shot. This photography variety show is coming on screen next Tuesday, 23 Nov on Channel 5 at 9 pm. 

I have kept most of my friends in suspense of what I was up to during the short period of absence from their lunch dates. And finally now, I could reveal the reason why I was so busy and secretive then.

So as you could have guess by now, I had been real fortunate to be selected as one of the 10 finalists for the Big Shot show.

The Big Shot is a reality TV show about the stories and the challenges of the ten aspiring photographers.  Each episode will show how the photographers take on the weekly challenge to stay on for the next one.

I am very thankful to Mediacorp for giving me such a rare chance to participate in this show for which I have got to learnt a lot from and had definitely made me speed up on my photography learning. I am also glad to have known and learnt from the group of amazing photographers with a strong passion for photography.

So, come support me and the other 9 passionate photographers by staying tune to the Big Shot coming up soon!

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The Big Shot

Busy busy week for me as hubby went for a 1 week overseas trip again. And poor Zachary had diarrhoea on Friday and was even passing loose stool in middle of the night. He had a bad sleep and so did I. But he had been better today after some medication and PD said it was a mild condition. And at last, finally found some time to blog now. Some update for the past week.

I had managed to submit in 3 photos for the Mediacorp Big Shot (a photography variety show coming up end of year) on the very last day of submission deadline. And it was a pleasant surprise when I received a call from Mediacorp last Sunday that I was shortlisted to go for an interview.

And so, I took a half day off to go for the interview on last Wed. Upon registration, the staff in charge told each of us to pick a gerbera flower (choosing one from several stalks of withered, flesh, long stems, short stems) and use only our own camera phone to take a picture within 10 minutes.

Upon hearing to use camera phone, I thought half battle was lost. I don’t have iphone but only an old model Samsung phone with low resolution. But but, a good photographer should be able to work around with any location or gadget given right? And I could not agree more with what I read from someone who wrote in the clubsnap forum as follows:

That is precisely the beauty of photography and any creative process.
You are always the decision maker based on the resources available.
You can choose to work on the strengths or focus on exploiting the weaknesses.
The more tools in your arsenal mean greater ease but do not translate into better works. In fact the less you have to work with, the more you drill in to the possibilities.

Anyway, I did manage to calm down and quickly look for the spot to take a shoot. I was not familiar with the Mediacorp place and to take a shoot within 10 minutes, I decided to try finding the best location within the reception area. I found this spot at the lift lobby with glass panel wall with some lights coming in from the side. I laid the 1 gerbera at the corner of the lift door and took a shoot once I saw the 2 reflections of the flower nicely filling up the frame of my camera phone. Here it is:

After which, I proceeded on for the interview. There were 4 interviewers and a Canon camera facing directly at the interviewee (taking video throughout the whole interview). Was asked to show the flower photo taken, talk about myself, the photos submitted for the application, whether able to be away from home for 2 whole weeks for the Big Shot program, whether will consider becoming a full time photographer one day.

I guess it went quite well overall but I know chances are slim as they are choosing only 7 of us. Anyway, it is more of the experience and exposure that I am going for when I decided to apply for the Big Shot. It was indeed a fun experience going for an interview for a Mediacorp variety show – something that I never see myself doing in the past. J

Haha …..it was so funny when one of my colleague thought I was going for the Mediacorp Star Talent Show audition. I told her I am too old for that one. 😛

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