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The Moment

Some of my friends have asked if I have more photos to share with them of the wedding challenge for ‘The Big Shot’. Luckily, I had managed to get TK (one of the other finalists for the show) to save them in time just before the memory card was asked to return to the producers then.

The photos were taken during the tea ceremony session of the couple as that was during the time where our one hour challenge began. This was my first time taking wedding photography and I had truly enjoyed the process of trying to capture the special moment (the challenge theme for the show was ‘capture the moment’).

Photos taken with Nikon D3100 with kit lens and 50 mm f1.8 prime lens.

The photo I selected for the show challenge:

Other photos that I thought was nice to share here:

Hope you enjoyed looking at these blissful photos. Remember to watch the Big Shot next tues at 9pm on channel 5. The next challenge shall be on night photography.


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