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gift for mum

Happy belated Mother’s day to all mums.

Hope you have enjoyed the celebration time with family. I had enjoyed especially so when Zachary learnt how to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ when he gave me the chocolate muffins received from his school.

And to share with you today is the little gift made for this special day. This is the purse made for my in-law. A pinkish red combi. The band was supported with firm interfacing and the rest of purse body with batting. Made use of few out of the big pile of Amy Butler’s fat quarters I bought recently which burnt quite a hole in my pocket. Can’t be helped as I really love Amy Butler’s fabric dearly. I love to piece her fabrics together for beautiful patchwork results and so always end up using her fabric when doing patchwork projects.

I made a clutch bag for my mum but blur me had forgotten to take a photo of it before rushing to give my mum.

And the next one here is made for my friend, Hong Li’s birthday. Again, with Amy Butler’s beautiful fabric including some of her latest series. This round, a more greenish combi. This patchwork piece is just simply sewing long strips of fabrics together ( 5 in all that I used for this). And I decided to embellish it. The mannequin appliqué cut out using sizzix tim holtz’s alteration dies and I decorate it with pearls and tulle. Well, I must say I am really happy to find more ways to use up my scrapbook stash. These pearls string, dies and tulle are all part of my scrapbook stuff.

Hope these bags have inspired you to start sewing some for yourself. I shall be going away for more than a week of vocation tommorrow to Taiwan and Hong Kong. I will be back to share on crafty things I get from the trip. Till then, take care!


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Yesterday, I attempted this burda pattern (from burda magazine issue 01/2011). They graded this as intermediate level but truly this is not difficult to sew though I took awhile to understand how the weird shape pattern that I traced out from the magazine will work out to what it looks like when done. Fear not, just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

picture from burda website
However, though i have followed the sizing chart, the one that I made seem too big on the top portion and I thought there’s too much fabric for me and weigh me down on shoulder.
You will see what I mean from the following picture of my own version. But I don’t really care and I am going to wear this out to office soon. 😛

As for Zachary, this is the very first garment I sew for him – a pants. I been guilty of not making more for him. The last things I sew for him was pillow covers and mattresses covers before he was born. But but, there will be more to come for Zachary. I already bought lots of fabric suitable for boys. Just need to find the time.

The pattern of this pants come from this book. I redrafted the pattern abit to better fit his size and also to incorporate 2 different fabrics. This book was one of the first few sewing books I bought. It touches on very basic of machine sewing and teaches you to sew a t-shirt, a bag and pants. Quite an useful book for beginner.

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Hi hi, like to share with you a recent dish that I cooked. This dish was inspired by one I ate at a vegan store at Beach Road. I loved the dressing on the green soba noodle they used. I thought I tasted peanut and miso when I ate it and so I researched via internet to learn about dressing that used miso and peanut. This recipe that I am sharing here comes very close to what I have tasted earlier. And I added chicken slices and green veg to go with the dressing and the buckwheat noodle. Yummy and healthy food. 🙂

Peanut miso dressing

2/3 cup chicken stock

2/3 cup peanut butter

3 tbsp miso

1/4 cup lime juice

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp ginger

1tbsp garlic

pinch of white pepper

Place all ingredients in food blender and blend for about 1 minute to form a smooth dressing. Can store in fridge for about a week and can use it for salad dressing too.

Also, like share with you a mini bento box I prepared for Zachary during his school excursion to the zoo. This is a snack bento. You can get most of the stuff I used here from Daiso.

The Japanese really love doing  bento box for their kids but I guess in Singapore, bento making is not common and seriously, I doubt I can find time to make these for Zachary to bring school. But it is really rewarding to see his happy face when he received this bento box

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