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Exam on bday

Hi Hi. It has once again been a long time since I last posted here. I had been busy studying.

My examination for my first paper of my audit certification was yesterday and I am now glad that it’s over and I pass it. Shall take a short break before embarking on the next paper.

And silly me had arranged for my examination to be on same day as my birthday. And ya, I am a year older since yesterday.

Hubby, Zachary and me celebrated together at Tung Lok Signature last night. Food was quite nice and I love the smoked duck breast. Ambience was not bad at the branch in Central.

And this year, Zachary was able to wish me “happy birthday mommy”. 🙂

Enjoyed the food and also my fabric and books shopping at Orchard yesterday.

During these days of studying hard for exam, I really miss crafting. I do some little crafting and sewing on and off but just simply could not get enough of them. Hoping to get more crafting done before I start preparation for next exam. Maybe a quilt this round? We shall see.

Also, I am so excited to be able to start preparing for my Taiwan and Hong Kong trip in mid May. It has been around 4 years since I last visited Taiwan and Hong Kong. And I going to hunt for some interesting craft items there this round. Actually, this trip was meant to be to Japan and we had booked all hotels and tickets and I had done most research before the earthquakes struck Japan. Since we are going to bring Zachary along and not want him be exposed to the radiation, we had then very very reluctantly cancelled our trip to Japan. I am hoping Japan will recover soon and we can visit this wonderful place next year.


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Cath Kidston Bag

It was my boss’s birthday yesterday. She loves bags and has a ‘weak’ heart for designers’ bags. Since I cannot possibly buy her a Chanel bag, I thought at least I could still make her some one-of-a-kind handmade bags. And since I kind of know her favourite colors and her tastes for ‘beautiful’ things are pretty close to mine, it was quite easy to think of what she may like and what I could make for her.

 The first one is this Cath Kidson bag:

The fabric, label and buttons are all from a sewing kit which comes along with purchase of the Cath kidston’s boo(Sew!). This is the second bag I ever made (will share with you my first handmade bag which is a very simple tote bag in next post).

Instructions from the book are pretty clear but there aren’t many diagrams that illustrate the steps. The kit and book instruction does not provide for a bag lining. I guess if I would to re-do this bag, I will definitely include lining inside and probably some interfacing to make the bag stands better. And I probably won’t use buttons for the handle as I really wonder how much weight the bag can take with support of only 2 buttons.

 And the second one is this lined boxy pouch:

This is a very simple pouch and takes me about an hour to complete. I used the sanrio melody fabric bought recently from Chinatown and a purple polka dots fabric for lining. Yes, both of us love ‘My Melody’. The pouch is not tall enough in my opinion; will make a bigger and taller one for the next one. And I just realised my blog is already a year old and I am glad I am still blogging! And to all my blog readers, thanks for dropping by constantly and all the lovely comments

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