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Happier After Lunch

Back to work after the long weekend but still feel that I have not rested enough. Feeling quite lethargic.

But I had a wonderful lunch with 2 of my ex-colleagues today and while at lunch, I received a good news from my piano teacher that I have passed my grade 3 piano exam. So happy!

I still remembered the two Fridays back when I went for the exam. Many parents accompanying their kids for the exam were looking at me with a puzzled look while waiting together for each of our turns for the exam. They must be wondering where’s my kid who’s sitting for the exam.

Well, when I tried to enroll in a music school 2 years back, the first question that all the schools asked when I enquired about the piano class was: ‘How old is your kid?’

Most people would assume that kids are mainly the one learning and taking music exam. But never too late to learn no matter how old we are right? For me, I always love ballet and piano since very very young. I always envy my classmates who have the chance to learn. But I never have the chance to learn as my family could not afford to send me for these classes and let alone a piano at home.

I would never be able to pick up ballet as I am no longer flexible. But for piano, I am  able and still determined to pursue the little dream of mine since young.

And I am also glad that Zachary seems to have very strong interest in learning piano too. He could sit in front of the piano for very long to play with the keys and trying to imitate the way I read the notes and playing with both hands. 😛


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