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Handmade Carousel

This is my take on Websters’ May challenge on creating a project for display purposes.

Been looking around for inspiration for past weeks. First thought was to do a project using one of the 2 printer’s trays I bought quite awhile ago. But then I wanted to create something different from what others may do. And at last, I remembered the paper carousel that I saw from a café.

Been procrastinating the project for fear that I may not be able to come up with the template or figure out how to do the assembly. But deadline of 31 May is nearing and I have also to prepare for my trip to Chiang Mai next week. So, finally embark on the project the past few days.

Am glad that after 3+ hours of cutting, fixing and lots of modification along the way, the structure of the carousel came out fine and stand well. It was not exactly beautifully done up as I didn’t do a very good cutting job (too impatient when come to cutting) and some parts are bit out of the right proportion.

The core structure of the carousel are made up all from Websters’ papers. Added some sparkle using the gold stickles. Dress up with lace, pearls and websters sparklers. The horses etc on the carousel are cut out from Websters papers.

Found some cute little photos of Zachary and inserted inside the carousel. This project was pretty tough but I enjoyed every moment of making it.


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