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Busy over the past weekend as usual and I also caught the flu bug from Zachary last Sunday. But we still all made it for my ex-MAS gathering at Polly’s house last Sunday. And I managed to rush out a charlotte fruit roll with chocolate chantilly cream on Sat night. Added too much melted chocolate which resulted in a much less stiff chantilly cream and that challenged me to the extreme when trying to roll the cake with the cream oozing out at all time. Was dead tired after which to take any picture. I will share it the next time when I bake it. Though it was a messy attempt in rolling the cake, the cake roll still turn up well received by all and everyone loved the fruits embedded within the roll. Phew…

And as I was blowing my nose constantly, I did not go around snapping with my camera, for fear of spreading the bug to others. But I do have some other photos to share here. These were taken at Changi Board Walk last Sat.

Very nice scenery there but it was still pretty hot at 4+pm. It’s definitely a nice place to get the little kids closer to nature and also definitely a cool place for taking nice coastal shoots. Too bad that we didn’t get to stay long there as weather was simply too hot.


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A farewell lunch @ Novus

My big boss from Liechtenstein is retiring by end of the year. So, he was here the past week for his last time to the Singapore office for an joint audit. Though I only get to meet him only for 3 times for the past 2.5 years, I have got to know that he enjoys music, nice food and reading a lot. He’s a rich man and lacks nothing; has a wonderful wife and house back in Switzerland and he’s looking forward to his retirement. So, for his farewell gift, I have got him a Mitch Albom’s latest book and also a compilation of classical violin pieces.  It was a very humble gift from me definitely. But I could see that he was very touched by my sincerity and could not stop thanking me for the gift and thoughts.

And we bought him to this fine dining place at Novus, located at National Museum, for his farewell lunch. I chanced upon this place via a food and entertainment magazine. Searched on this place and read very good review about it. Indeed, the ambience and the food standard was far better than I had expected. And my 3 other bosses were extremely pleased with the place and food. Of course, I am indeed glad that I have found this place for them and for myself.

So what’s so great about Novus? Hmm, the staff was nice and attentive. Food we had was extremely tasty (my big boss said this was the best he had throughout the stay in Singapore for the past week) and the food styling was impressive.  And haha, the chef, Stephen Zoiss from Austria, which we got to meet up with, is so handsome and young.

It was a pity that I didn’t bring along my camera to take snapshots of the food. But I am definitely making another trip to Novus soon; very sure of that. Till then, I will post the pictures of the food to share with you.

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We spent our National Day evening at my colleague’s place. She had kindly organized a BBQ for several of us. And I made brownie for this gathering using varlhona guanja and caribe dark chocolates with macadamia nuts.

While busy chasing Zachary around the compound, I did manage to take some snapshots of my colleagues and their kids.

A lovely couple getting married this coming 10 Oct.

Cheryl who’s a pretty little girl and she can really pose.

Another pretty little gal.

And the two pretty women 😛

Lastly, some shots of my dear Zachary.

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Two Sundays ago, we went to Marina Barrage with the plan to fly kite. But in the end, we could only spent the whole time on the ground floor roaming around with the excited Zachary and also playing water/ fountain with him. We left after about an hour there as Zachary was pretty drenched and there was no extra clothings bought along.

Took some photos which captured Zachary’s laughter. I like how their red shirts stand out in the photos. So National Day mood ya.

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A western and jap fusion

Hubby was back last Friday and to welcome him home, I prepared this Western and Japanese fusion meal for lunch on Sunday.

I got this recipe from one of the local food and travel magazine. The dishes immediately caught my eyes while I was browsing through the magazine. I always like Japanese food and it’s definitely interesting to create a fusion dish.

The first dish was Chilled Konbu Capellini. Cooked the angel hair pasta with the instant dashi powder added to boiling water. Drained it and soaked with cold water awhile before draining it again. Next, toss it with truffle oil and set aside in fridge for short while. Garnished with salmon roe just before serving.

The second dish was Seared Scallops with Miso Dressing. Seasoned the scallops with salt, pepper, garlic and dusted lightly with flour before pan frying them. For the miso dressing, I tweaked the recipe a bit to include only miso paste, mirin, light soy sauce and water and cooked them till boiling. Then assembled with cooked and fried potato, blanched broccolini and some balsamic glazing.

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Happier After Lunch

Back to work after the long weekend but still feel that I have not rested enough. Feeling quite lethargic.

But I had a wonderful lunch with 2 of my ex-colleagues today and while at lunch, I received a good news from my piano teacher that I have passed my grade 3 piano exam. So happy!

I still remembered the two Fridays back when I went for the exam. Many parents accompanying their kids for the exam were looking at me with a puzzled look while waiting together for each of our turns for the exam. They must be wondering where’s my kid who’s sitting for the exam.

Well, when I tried to enroll in a music school 2 years back, the first question that all the schools asked when I enquired about the piano class was: ‘How old is your kid?’

Most people would assume that kids are mainly the one learning and taking music exam. But never too late to learn no matter how old we are right? For me, I always love ballet and piano since very very young. I always envy my classmates who have the chance to learn. But I never have the chance to learn as my family could not afford to send me for these classes and let alone a piano at home.

I would never be able to pick up ballet as I am no longer flexible. But for piano, I am  able and still determined to pursue the little dream of mine since young.

And I am also glad that Zachary seems to have very strong interest in learning piano too. He could sit in front of the piano for very long to play with the keys and trying to imitate the way I read the notes and playing with both hands. 😛

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The flower ball

It has really been quite long since I last update. Busy since hubby is on business trip this week. Just want to do a quick sharing of my recent photography adventure.

I have played with this beautiful purple floral ball 2 weekends back while Zachary was taking a nap. I don’t have the name for this flower and I was too busy to dig through the great stack of books in my storeroom to hunt for the flower names book. But, like a hydrangea, this is a round ball with lots of flowers bloom. What a sweet beauty it is.

So I decided to take some close-up and macro pictures of this beauty. And this is my simple set-up gathered from the junks in my house and that includes Zachary’s book. 😛

I used my kit lens for the shoots and played with different white balance settings. Of all, I like the tungsten effect the most.

And these are taken with the macro filter attached.

Tried to focus on the water droplet that I have intentionally added on the flower. But was not very successful. Was satisfied with the composition but not so for the bokeh effect I wanted to achieve. Probably too low an aperture used.

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