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Sewing adventure began

The first thing I ever sewn with a sewing machine was during my home econ lesson in lower secondary school days and it was a pair of shorts which I never worn because I hated the way it looked. And I remembered I hated using the sewing machine as it always somehow ‘jam’ while sewing.

When I had Zachary, I picked up sewing again using the very cheap portable sewing machine that my mum gave me. Though it was a cheap machine, it had served its function very well and was easy and a breeze to use it for my simple sewing project of a mattress cover and some pillow case covers for Zachary.

And recently, I chanced upon some sewing blogs and was totally very inspired to start sewing clothes for my own. I have never thought of sewing for myself some pretty blouses and dresses. I used to always visualize some beautiful designs in my mind and finally now, I am getting into the ‘real’ thing.

This is the first blouse I made with coaching from SAHM Pauline after such a long break from sewing. It’s definitely far too big for my size. Got to bring the side seams in before I can wear it. Fabric was bought from Spotlight. Was a very simple blouse to sew for a beginner.

After this introduction to sewing and lots of readings up on sewing books, I was much more confident and went on to sew this simple A-line skirt using my favorite Hailey Bailey  fabric.

These were actually sewn much earlier on but was too busy to take pictures of them and post here. And I had actually went on to sew another blouse and on process of sewing another 2 dresses for Chinese New Year (one of which is my beloved cheong sam). So keep a look out on my designed cheongsam and dress which I would share on my design process and fabric/ material selection and the problems encountered. 




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I was greeted by a pleasant email from my friend, Hong Li 2 weeks back. She had dropped me an email to inform me that I was on Today’s papers two Weds back. After asking around a few of my colleagues, I managed to grab hold of one to read (forgetting that I can actually read it online :P). Here it is (pages downloaded from Today’s online):

The season finale of the Big Shot was over 2 weeks back after a full 8 episodes over the past 2 months. And as most of my friends have guessed, Liew emerged as the winner. Indeed, Liew deserved the prize. His shots are consistently good and his professional technical skills are evident from all his photographs (not just those taken during the competition; ya, I got a chance to have a look at quite a number of photographs he has taken through the years for leisure, assignment and competition…all making me going ‘wow wow wow’). And talking about Liew, I hope he has not forgotten that he has promised to treat the 9 of us with his cash prize to a good meal. Ho ho ho. But seriously, I am really hoping that the 10 of us could meet up again soon for a gathering.

Also, would like to share with you my happiness of acquiring a new ‘baby’. Been eyeing this for very long and it was top on my xmas wishlist for last year. Thanks to hubby who fulfilled my wish and my baby finally arrived last Sat. My new ‘baby’ is my canon speedlite EX580II.

Finally, I am going to get some better shots of Zachary at indoor and it will be much easier to take with this flash too. My house is always quite dim and this flash is definitely going to help a lot. I am really slowly building up on my photography gear; it’s by far, the most expensive hobbies I ever get into. I don’t earn a lot for sure and so have no choice but to slowly save up to buy these expensive gear.

Next on my wish list is definitely the 24-70mm f2.8 lens and hope to get the full frame Canon 5D Mark II camera (when I got my first DSLR canon 550D about half a year ago, I was already tempted to upgrade to a full frame model after only 1 week of crazy shooting with a DSLR; but I told myself to go slow and save up for it).

Here’s a test shot in my house which was quite dim and no lights on. Like the result so much.

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Happy New Year 2011

Hi hi everyone, I guess this has been the longest time that I have been away from the blog land. I was down with running and block nose for past 2-3 weeks and then down with fever and cough the last few days. So, I didn’t really get to enjoy the New Year celebration party we had this year at our friend’s place. I have to stay away from all the kids and not to get close to anyone for fear of spreading the virus.

This is our ‘family photo’ (more babies produced in year 2010 as u can see from photo):

 And this was what I managed to prepare for the party (just before my fever came – phew) – mini cupcakes:

Despite of the ‘bad’ start, I am still looking forward to the rest of the new year of 2011. Many things I have planned for the year. But first of all, I need to sit for at least one examination paper (audit related examination) hopefully by April. Afterwhich, am hoping to engage more photography sessions to improve on my photography skill. Probably be doing a pre-wedding and a family outdoor shoot and also an actual day wedding shoot. Am looking forward to these sessions. And my great resolution will probably be to get Zachary to learn to speak more.

Hope u have a great New Year celebration and I wish all your new year wishes for 2011 to come true soon!

I will share in my next post (hope soon) of some of my sewing adventure during the past few weeks. Am currently, still developing the rest of the photos for my dec daily album (haha….I fell very far behind…but I still endeavour to get it completed).

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