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Steampunk Birthday Card

It has really been a long time since I last shared on crafting projects. Well, I have not stopped crafting as I am still doing it on and off at a much much slower speed than before. I have recently done up an ang bao (red packet) box for my girl friend which I would share with you the next time.

Today is my neighbor, Carine’s birthday and I have done a birthday card using the Graphic 45 ‘Steampunk Debutante’ collection.

This is another Graphic 45 collection that I really love alot. Materials used are all from this collection except the non-paper embellishments.


And not to forget, I would like to wish Carine a very happy birthday and stay as a funky mummy always!


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Chicken Pho

I always adore the vietnamese pho. Hubby likes the beef pho while I like the chicken pho.

As I was browsing through my favorite recipe book – The Steamy Kitchen, for some idea of the food to cook when hubby returned home from his overseas trip, I chanced upon the chicken pho page and decided to make this one.

It was a simple one and fast to prepare.

The soup base consists of chicken stock, fried spices (coriander seeds, star anise and cloves), ginger, onion and fish sauce. Noodles used is the flat rice noodle. And I served with basil and onions and of course, shredded chicken. Typically, it should also be served with lime, bean sprouts and some dipping sauce.

For good pho, you can try the ‘Pho House’ at Suntec Sky Garden which is a few stalls down Kushin-Bo and right beside Swiss Culture. Their chicken pho comes with chicken meat balls too.

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first attempt in the studio

I spent several hours at David’s studio a month back. David had engaged several families for family studio portraiture and also Steven’s wife who’s 7 months pregnant. It was a tiring session as was not only busy snapping away, but was also busy chasing after the young kids and trying to make the shy ones open up.

However, this was all worthwhile when you see each of the families leaving the studio happily as compared to the initial tense look. And I had learnt a lot from the other 5 photographers who were there. I must said I was quite intimidated at times by the other photographers as some of them are already more or less the professional ones who have taken up wedding assignments and my gear are nothing compared to their professional camera model and the L lens.

There are just so many photographs taken and simply can’t put all my favorites here. So, I just choose my favorite among the favorite to share with you here. All photographs here taken with my kit lens and 50mm f1.8. No postprocessing done except for some cropping.

 Steven’s wife who’s very willing to try out all different poses. This is the one I loved most which I had converted into monochrome. 

I was lucky to get this one with the kid and dad giving such great smile.

Lovely family shoot.

Had quite a hard time getting him to enjoy the shooting session but at last…he had fun squeezing the little tiger.

This boy can really pose.

Little Dylan is such a handsome baby and is very co-operative. 🙂

Oh, this little cutie who has enjoyed been carried by me while his parents are busy having photos taken.

2 lovely girls who really love their daddy. 😛

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Blackforest @ Canele

The interview for the Big Shot I went to 2 weeks back ended much earlier than I thought. So I had a few hours to myself  before I need to pick up Zachary. And I decided to pop in to Canele for a quick tea session.

Many options available and many chocolate ones too. Took me awhile to decide on my all time favorite – blackforest. It was so beautifully handcrafted – in fact, all the desserts in the display were all beautifully crafted.

And it definitely tasted as fabulous as it looked. Chocolate genoise with kirsch, layered with 66% dark chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, kirsch chantilly and dark cherry. The cherry seems to taste like the one I have in my fridge – the Griottines. These Griottines cherries surely taste heavenly.

I will make my way back to Canele to try the other chocolate desserts. And definitely thumbs up for the service at the Shaw branch and the very cosy setting.


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The Big Shot

Busy busy week for me as hubby went for a 1 week overseas trip again. And poor Zachary had diarrhoea on Friday and was even passing loose stool in middle of the night. He had a bad sleep and so did I. But he had been better today after some medication and PD said it was a mild condition. And at last, finally found some time to blog now. Some update for the past week.

I had managed to submit in 3 photos for the Mediacorp Big Shot (a photography variety show coming up end of year) on the very last day of submission deadline. And it was a pleasant surprise when I received a call from Mediacorp last Sunday that I was shortlisted to go for an interview.

And so, I took a half day off to go for the interview on last Wed. Upon registration, the staff in charge told each of us to pick a gerbera flower (choosing one from several stalks of withered, flesh, long stems, short stems) and use only our own camera phone to take a picture within 10 minutes.

Upon hearing to use camera phone, I thought half battle was lost. I don’t have iphone but only an old model Samsung phone with low resolution. But but, a good photographer should be able to work around with any location or gadget given right? And I could not agree more with what I read from someone who wrote in the clubsnap forum as follows:

That is precisely the beauty of photography and any creative process.
You are always the decision maker based on the resources available.
You can choose to work on the strengths or focus on exploiting the weaknesses.
The more tools in your arsenal mean greater ease but do not translate into better works. In fact the less you have to work with, the more you drill in to the possibilities.

Anyway, I did manage to calm down and quickly look for the spot to take a shoot. I was not familiar with the Mediacorp place and to take a shoot within 10 minutes, I decided to try finding the best location within the reception area. I found this spot at the lift lobby with glass panel wall with some lights coming in from the side. I laid the 1 gerbera at the corner of the lift door and took a shoot once I saw the 2 reflections of the flower nicely filling up the frame of my camera phone. Here it is:

After which, I proceeded on for the interview. There were 4 interviewers and a Canon camera facing directly at the interviewee (taking video throughout the whole interview). Was asked to show the flower photo taken, talk about myself, the photos submitted for the application, whether able to be away from home for 2 whole weeks for the Big Shot program, whether will consider becoming a full time photographer one day.

I guess it went quite well overall but I know chances are slim as they are choosing only 7 of us. Anyway, it is more of the experience and exposure that I am going for when I decided to apply for the Big Shot. It was indeed a fun experience going for an interview for a Mediacorp variety show – something that I never see myself doing in the past. J

Haha …..it was so funny when one of my colleague thought I was going for the Mediacorp Star Talent Show audition. I told her I am too old for that one. 😛

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