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Green Tea Craze

Hope it has been a great start for the new year for all of u. I have looked forward to year 2012 and am glad that it has finally come and I am now happily embarking on my Project Life 2012 and finishing up my Dec Daily 2011. I hope to share about these 2 projects on the blog soon.

Recently, I have been on some ‘green tea’ craze.

Through the past months, I managed to whip up quite a few green tea desserts.

1. Green Tea Sable Cookies

I have never tried green tea cookies before (only green peas ones during Chinese New Year) and I thought this green tea cookies tasted really refreshing with a strong green tea aroma.

If you are keen to try, recipe is from “Okashi” by Keiko.

2. Green Tea Light Pound Cake

I came across this recipe by chance. Was reading some craft blogs and came across ‘cotton and cloud’ which is mainly a knitting blog and she posted this interesting green tea light pound cake recipe. I am not a butter fan and when I saw her non-butter and healthy version of pound cake, I knew I have to make this cake soon.

As the blog author has mentioned, this cake was light. It pairs well with some berries or jam.
For your easier reference, I post her recipe here:
3 medium eggs
100g cane sugar
140 g sunflower oil
40 g soya milk
180 g self-raising flour
2 tsp maccha powder

Cake tin (the blog author used a cake tin 20 cm length, (12.5 cm width & 9 cm depth))


a. Turn on and pre-heat the oven to 180C.
b. Line the cake pan with grease proof paper
c. Sift the flour and maccha mixture once.
Step 1: Mix the eggs and sugar in a large bowl. Using an electric mixer, whisk for 10 min until white and fluffy.
Step 2: In a small jug, mix the sunflower oil and soya milk using a spoon so that you get a nice emulsion.
Step 3: Very slowly drizzle the oil and soya milk mixture to the batter made in step 1. If possible keep on whisking (if not, add a little, then mix – repeat this process).
Step 4: When you get a nice fluffy even mixture of eggs, sugar, oil and soya milk (wet ingredient), stop mixing. Sift the flour and maccha powder (dry ingredient) into the batter. Carefully mix using a scraper not to burst any air bubbles.
Step 5: When you have mixed the dry and the wet ingredients so that there are no powder to be seen in the mixture, pour the mixture into the cake tin.
Step 6: Even out the surface by lightly tapping the bottom of the cake.
Step 7: Bake at 180C for the first 8 min then reduce the temperature to 170C and bake for further 25-30 min or until the skewer comes out with small crumbs of cake (if it doesn’t then it is definitely cooked so take it out of the oven quickly to prevent it from drying)

3.Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Once again, recipe is from ‘Okashi’.

Do give this a try and make sure you also do the green tea cream frosting. And use a top grade green tea powder. You will be rewarded using better green tea powder.

I am not a cream lover for sure but I really love this cake with the cream. I have used what my hubby would usually not prefer, which is the non-diary whipped cream. But both he and Zachary love this cake a lot with the cream frosting.  Likewise for my boss who is a big time butter lover. As for me, I love this chiffon so much that I baked the chiffon thrice over 2 months period.

I used this cake for a mock up for Zachary’s birthday cake. He really love these ‘sheep’ cartoon characters a lot J And though it was a mock up, I lit up candles for him and he had fun time singing birthday songs and blowing off candles repeatedly (for countless times). Haha…

We also ate the cake with some azuki beans. Nice combination.

4. Green Tea Pudding

This is again recipe from ‘Okashi’.

Texture was nice but both me and hubby thought the pudding was bit too bitter for our liking. I am not sure why; maybe the syrup I used was not sweet enough? Needless to say, Zachary replied me ‘ok already’ after the first bite. I guess I will try to use honey instead for my next trial.

Do share with me if you come across any other fabulous green tea related recipes.


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